Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Observation 1: The Cheery Way to Wake

Cheerios are just an amazing creation.  Sure, cereal is good all around but Cheerios are like the Rolls Royce of breakfast cereals: classic, simple, and nutritional.  And how about that cute yellow box that just immediately brings you back to childhood.  A bowl of Cheerios has multiple levels of satisfaction.  Some cereals get soggy, or the milk has a funny after-taste because the strawberry flavoring that was actually foreign chemicals only tastes like strawberry on the cereal, and others turn the milk a murky brown and no one likes a dirty milk mustache.  But Cheerios--ah, defies all of that.  Add milk, fresh blueberries, Cheerios, and a lil' Splenda or sugar for some sweetness and you are good to go--the blueberries are tart and soft, the Cheerios stay crunchy and the milk is perfectly sweet to top it off.  Bravo and encore my O-shaped little friends.  


  1. A cheery way to wake~
    crisp open window mornings with sweet berries for breakfast and your dogs at your feet! I had the best morning this morning and saw this post so I had to share. :)
    Cheerios are a close 2nd, though :)

  2. and they are good for you =] yay lowering cholesterol =]