Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slow as Motion

It's grey out.  woke up on my couch.  closed the windows.  opened the windows. turned on the heater. put on my sweatpants. put on boy's t-shirt.  stumbled to coffee-maker. opened refrigerator instead. sigh. not hungry. grabbed rice and chicken for my dog. laughed at her medical-cone. put gym clothes on. had some almonds. walked to gym. forgot sneakers...ugh. slipped on a grease spot. ouch. cursed. 

it's still grey out.  

put my ipod on. ran in place. sweat. breathed. sweat. "I made you some homemade granola". ate some homemade granola. still not hungry. walked home. stumbled up stairs and to my coffee-maker. sighed. turned and put granola in my pantry. heard my dog whine. found her cone-head stuck between the table and the couch. laughed. laughed. I laughed. "Music", I thought, "I want to play piano". played. "write", I thought, "I want to write". Wrote. 


...I'm going. I go.  I go to a theme-park. I am going, going to a theme-park.  Studios.  Universal Studios.  

I'll write later.  I left. 


The theme park mused my thoughts.  But now I am home.  Surrounded by my loss.  And I am sad.  


  1. please don't be sad.
    remember that you're special--you're loved. you're great, you'll do great.
    something great will come to you, it's just a matter of time...
    so please don't be sad...


  2. Sounds to me like you had a busy day. I know that being in the Midwest now makes me crave the fresh air like MAD when I am away from it.

    I can't offer you words of "Don't be sad". I can only offer you words of, "Keep your feet moving".

  3. Life can become tedious, especially when sticking to routine.
    Here I am, all day, every day, in the same spot; hunched here before my laptop.

    And I write.

    The effects of such a lifestyle leave me restless; I want to do more, but I can't.
    In a new city I'm too afraid of being lost to do what I want to; explore.
    Perhaps being lost would be good, ne?
    Lost in thoughts, lost in location.

    It may very well be a restless thought of accomplishment.
    But your adoring fans are showering you with praise.
    That proves that you've done something, even if you haven't realised.

    We hang from your every word.

  4. Oh..Analeigh, don't be sad.U r such a great person.There are many people love you.Everyone in my family loves u, all of my friends love you.Thailand loves u.U r my number1 model.I believe that all the supports will make u happy and smile and believe that u can do anything.Be possitive.All experiences will make u stronger. Hope u'll be a happy analeigh again soon.

    Love u -so much-..

    Peace, Patriot

  5. Not where u are but I can sympathize. Was on first season of so you think you can dance and feeling like your dreams have slipped through your fingers is not easy to grasp. And it's ok to be sad. It heals us. Time passes and the one thing i have learned from life in my 29 years is to expect the unexpected because 10 years from now you'll look back and be shocked by where you are, how far you've come and what life has thrown at you. much love - thara

  6. Sounds like you need a vacation. How about Alamogordo New Mexico? Please? JK. You are such a wonderful and special person, you should take pride in your past accomplishments and look forward to future ones. You should never forget that you are a beautiful, kind and special person. There is something great waiting to happen for you. I know it. So, please, dont ever be sad. Life is a great and wonderful thing so never waste any time of it being sad. Thats something I learned from you.

  7. All of these new modes of communication are giving you quite a platform for your misery.

    It's understandable that you''re upset, but to roughly quote one of your former housemates, "Sometimes you have to pick up your beans and move on."

    -- WT

  8. Hey hon, you ought to post some images of yourself. You are gorgeous and its great to flaunt it here. Have a good week.

  9. you are the greatest girl ever! But I understand greatest girl sometimes be sad for nothing..yea..we do :(

  10. Hey Analeigh! Don't be sad. You've touched and inspired so many people through your generosity, determination and kindness. You are a great person and surely, surely, one day, others will come to know and appreciate you for what you are. Please don't change who you are, cos you are awesome and so amazing.

    When the world tells you to give up,
    Hope whispers,"Try it one more time."

    Don't ever give up. Please continue to shine.

    God bless you. :)

  11. Those days will come and go, the strength you find by progressing through them is truly valuable. I hope you channel that strength.

  12. You were in the top three of a show that TONS of people around the world watched. Don't be sad. Not every day will be gray. One day the sun will come out, I promise.