Sunday, April 5, 2009

Donut Club and Simple Pleasures

I'm not a party person.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll clarify--I am not a club person.  And, I know what some of you are thinking: "Analeigh is only is she getting in--" I'll just stop your thought there.  I live in L.A.  I'm a girl.  Age doesn't usually matter past those facts.  I have been fortunate to have a good number of club-going friends that tend to merely flash the bouncer an innocent grin and 'pop' I'm past the rope and past the lines.   I have been attending "trendy" clubs since I turned 17.  My friends in high school were not going to these places with me, but you see I was a show skater at this time and the cast in my ice-shows were all above 21.  I would go out with them.  

Okay, now to point out a few important things:

1.  I do not drink alcohol (and my reasons will come in another blog someday).  I go to meet friends.  I go to get my grove on.
2. I have never and will never do club drugs.  Ugh, how unattractive and stupid.
3. I don't dress up to these things.  I am the ONE girl in line in jean cut-offs, "The Who" t-shirt and my converse.  I work it as if I were in a mini-dress and heels.  

So where is this all going?  Well, it just gives a bit of background to the rant/story I am about to share with you.

Saturday.  DJ Kascade at the Vangaurd in Hollywood.  Group of people invited me to tag along and I don't get out much so, you know, I got pretty worked up and excited--sweaty, ash-tray smelling, over-styled strangers that come up to my chin, grinding vulgarly into me while rollin' on E and desperately yelling for glow sticks--oh yes, I was stoked.  No, but actually--it was the chance to hang out with friends.  I lack friends in Los Angeles, so any chance to meet new ones is a chance I jump on.  But alas--when the club promoter that had arranged for my safe entrance into the club met us out in front, we skipped the lines and I thought all was golden.  Until, that is, the bouncer pulled the red rope, blocking my entry.  
"It's a C note to get you in"  The greasy little bouncer bowed his head my direction.
"A hundred bucks?  Seriously dude?"  I retorted, confused (not too confused...I mean, I am trying to get into a club...illegally.  But not to DO anything illegal!).  The club promoter was pulling me one way, the bouncer the other, meanwhile he refused to let Michael past unless he coughed up another 50$ and the whole thing was just getting ridiculous.  I pulled my arms away from groping hands (by this time I managed to be on the club side of the red rope, but Michael was still on the street side) tripped ungracefully back over the red stupid rope, glared down the bouncer, regained my dignity, grabbed Michael and flipped my hair as I walked away from the crowd.  

I thought I'd be all tough about it.  But truth was, I was upset--I had looked forward to hanging out with a group of girls, a group of friends--even if I'm younger then them.  It's someone(s).  Clearly seeing I was upset, Michael stopped at Donut-Time, one of those always delectable, never too sanitary but conveniently open hole-in-the-wall ma-pa places.  We got eight donuts.  Glazed buttermilk is now my new favorite.  Oh, pure heaven.  We watched Ratatouille and I fell asleep slightly eased.  

Lesson of the weekend?  Honestly, I don't really have one.  don't pay 100$ to get into a club.  Eat comfort food instead.  I guess--appreciate the little things.  Life does not have to be filled with fancy clothes, trendy night clubs and expensive novelties--hell, expensive necessities!  It's the stuff that falls between "planning" and "impressing" that actually becomes living.  When things don't work out how you imagined, whatever else happens instead is just as much a miracle.  Sometimes--I have trouble believing that...but at the end of the day--no one can affect how we perceive the world.  It is our own.  We see the world entirely unique from the next person.  We see it how we want to.  It's a stretch, but let it sit with you...But--that's just how I see my world, and like I said, everyone is different.  Thank some all-powerful force for that.  


  1. Damn, this Michael guy is starting to sound more and more like one of the luckiest guys alive.

  2. Ohh!!

    you should of punched that bouncer! XD

    I wish I had donuts=(

  3. the 21 age restriction is ridiculous to begin with, seriously! You can go the war and get killed when you're 18 but aren't aloud to go to a club or have a beer. I've never really got into the clubbing scene though. Would rather just go to a chilled pub with mates or a small gathering. Ratatouille (love pixar!) and donuts sounds like awesome night anyway.

  4. I'm totally with you on this one. Not into clubs myself and people have a hard time fathoming because I'm 22yrs.
    PS. Donuts are better ^_^

  5. just wanted to say that this post made me so happy! I've always thought of la girls (and models) as serial club-goers, its nice to know that there is one who is down-to-earth. I also think you should be a professional writer because you are so talented and not just a pretty face.

  6. just another day in the life, huh? ;)

  7. hear hear! Good point! I'm over clubbing too, but I'm 32, I should totally be over it though. I'd take a buttermilk donut and a movie any ol' time.

  8. Oh, Analeigh
    I can't stop saying that I just love your blogs. I love what you say and I always seem to agree. I'm underage (not that that's stopping other people my age from doing illegal stuff) and I'm definitely not into the club going scene so let me tell you that you're not the only person who would be at a club in jeans, a t-shirt, and converse.

    I second what Kelsey said about you being a professional writer. I would buy a book of your blog entries in an instant because you have such great insight and you're so quotable :)

  9. lol ah the joys of LA... have any more tips? I'm going to be moving out there in a little less than a year, and from what I've heard, its a whole new ballpark, esp if your from the north east.

  10. I never really got the club thing either, though i drink -i dislike overdrinking- and can dress up at times. The music is too loud to chat and meet people, the music is so bad it's hard to have fun dancing apart from if you're with a boy that's special to you -and not too special, because grinding ruins the love a bit_, it's generally packed, the alcool is extremely expensive, and you keep trying to remember where your purse/ bad is and if it's safe. Clubs bore me to death, unless they have good music and i'm with awesome friends, and all the sleazy guys keep a respectful distance. I prefer a night in a garden with good friends and some wine, talking about important stuff, or playing music.
    Glad to know we, the boring non partying girls, are actually pretty awesome :P

  11. Wow! You do listen when I talk! Love you Awnie!

  12. I'm looking forward to your next article^_^
    It must be goooooooood!

  13. Or you could just...y'know, not try to go out illegally...maybe make some friends who won't expect you to go out illegally...

    But whatever.

  14. ha is that whitney comment your sister whit
    very whitney of her if it is
    and i borderline agree
    ha i love you analeigh, im calling you right now!
    - its chelsea by thee way

  15. Wow I love how you completely transformed your night-club bummer into a meaningful life lesson! Hahaha I would've been like, dang that really ruined my night...but you see the joy in simple things, like buttermilk donuts and Pixar movies (:

    You're so optimistic! Lovez it! Haha

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  17. analeigh!
    wow i never thought that i could reach ur blog~hahaha..
    nice one u got there.

  18. hey analeigh! :)

    i have to say your blog fascinates me so much! (i have to mention that this is the first time your blog work on my computer)
    I wanted to just read one blog and then doing my workout thing.. lol but i had to read everything u wrote! You're the only one I know who can interpret a "normal" thing as a lesson, and it's just brilliant!
    You took a chance to open the eyes of other people with your blog (respect other people, try to be happy....). It's amazing, you're amazing! :)

    btw sorry if you can't understand everything lol... my english is not the best! xD


  19. Firstly I apologise for the lack of relevance to the thoughtful, descriptive and wonderfully written post above this little box, but I have a thought to express, but don’t worry it is nothing but sincere and terribly complimentary. I live in England, London to be precise and your season has only just aired, I know we’re in the stone age, the final was last night as it happens now I have seen many seasons of ANTM, what began as an attempt to find a common interest with my sisters has now become a somewhat unexpected indulgence, this season had a wonderful variety of beauty and eccentricity, the quirkiness of Sam, the awkward but beautiful Marjorie, the list goes on. I apologise if memory is at all a sore one but I just quickly wanted to say I think of all the seasons I have watched no one has been able to bring as much beauty, talent, genuine sincerity and kindness as you did. I wish you all the best in the future and have no doubt in my mind whatever you put your mind and heart to you will achieve with style and grace.
    Yours sincerely
    Johnny Octo
    P.s. I adore the hair, it’s bloody amazing!

  20. Living in a college town where every bar/club is 18+ it's hard to imagine paying 100 bucks to get into a club!

    I agree it's the spontaneous nights that you often don't do anything very exciting at all that are the most memorable :)

  21. I spent one hour to read~haha.
    Because I'm poor at Englishˊˋ
    But I is a whorthwhile article.^_^

  22. Dear Analeigh,
    I cannot believe that I just now discovered that you had a blog.
    Can I just say that you are one of the most beautiful people that I've seen in a long time. Watching you was great because you were so adorable and sweet. I'm so glad I found your blog.

    This post was no disappointment. It was great to read because it shows that even the prettiest of girls can still have a sense of innocence.

    Please stop by me sometime, I'd absolutely faint if you commented. Haha.

  23. Analeigh,

    You are such an inspiration! In all of the seasons of top model, you were my number one favorite. You deserved to win. But enough of living in the past!

    All of your blog entries and insights are so beautiful and I hope you have a long, fulfilling career because you definitely deserve it.

    Oh, and I second what someone else already said, you have the best hair!

  24. Perspective is everything. And experiences mold perspectives, and bring you closer to that enlightenment we all seek. Live your truth, and all else is gravy. Cheers.


  25. I always love your stories & the lessons behind them! And a hundred bucks... ehhh never ever

  26. You haven't posted in quite a while, I hope you're getting a lot of work! :]

  27. I agree with Jonathan and the first comments is so true!! haha

    My tip is...go to a small/medium size "cafe" with good music and´s a lot better to meet people/talk with friends ;)

  28. Jonathan: I have watched no one has been able to bring as much beauty, talent, genuine sincerity and kindness as you did. - This, I totally agree! :)