Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here's To Tree Analogies.

Trees.  Such a perfect analogy for life.  Unoriginal, perhaps, but when something is just that good--it's hard to respond uniquely.  And a tree analogy is right on.  

Just the smallest, most insignificant seed--its' fate is so delicate...so unstable.  A simple shift of wind could destroy or spare it's future.  

So few actually make it, actually find bearable conditions to begin its' long climb upwards.  And that little seed, with the proper surroundings and elements attending unknowingly to the little seed's success, sprouts!  It bursts with the most beautiful, pure form of will!  Those little roots grip, desperately, to the foundation of its' new home--completely ignorant of of the exclusive challenges of the environment it now faces.

Passionate as the last breath of life is the seedling in its' effort to break through Earth--taste the first ray of freedom.  And so much chaos it awaits!  Will it recieve love and attention?  Will it be paved over, ignored and forgotten?  Will it die, cold, from lack of sun?  Will its' growth be constrained or stunt by the local projects?  Will it be able to serve its' purpose...or will it not matter at all?  

And through the years, each season the seedling, now a tree, grows and expands in complexity--forever reaching to push the skies further, the refine its' shape and add the the foundation of its' core.  The tree becomes strong, becomes wise--out smarting power-lines, paved side walks and unnecessary "trims".  It heals--but only from pain that could damage...but it keeps in bold memory the carvings of lovers in its' trunk--having endured the pain to understand its' love.  

The old tree sheds its' leaves, it's annually collected lessons, to make room for fresh and new life--always keeping things exciting, this old tree.  Perhaps it will bare fruit, or nuts, or flowers--in any case, it will inevitably make an impact in whatever it bares, on some even very small level.  

When the tree has met it's time, has seen life, lived, appreciated, and contributed to it--the old tree will release the last of its' life's work, and slowly decay back into the earth of which it came.  One can only hope for such a peaceful, serene end.  

We take life for granted.  No, I see some of you shaking your head in disagreement, but we do.  And it's very difficult not to.  There is so much involved with living.  It is so...difficult.  We will never truly appreciate it perhaps--and for those of you who truly do appreciate it, I am honestly sorry for what you must have lived through to get there.  Ignorance can be bliss, yes, but in a way, I am envious of those who can clearly see all of life's splendors, even knowing the pain the preceded it.  

Bon Iver.  Re: Stacks.  
(Musician.  Song.--look into it, very much worth doing so.)


  1. the way you write and the thoughts you share are seriously so substantial and so wholehearted i just cant take it! (i,of course, say this in the most positive way possible). thank you, analeigh, for writing. and for inspiring!

    <3charlene from la la land.

  2. ahh.. the way you write always fascinate me! thanks analeigh.

    anyway, are you sure you dont want to be a writer? or a corespondent for magazine maybe? :)


  3. you have such a great gift on writing ,it just amazingb

  4. I can't stop saying this...you are amazing!

  5. Posted the day before Earth Day, which is today. Originality does not escape this message despite the Tree analogy, for it is indeed a great one, but your words are truly your own.
    Once again, thank you Analeigh.
    Stacks - this song is amazing. (:

  6. You have a real way with words. I think it's great you have this outlook on life and are not just letting everything pass you by, I like it when people actually think about things. It's beautiful.

  7. wow. It really moves me when you write such beautiful philosophies on life.

    please, Analeigh, NEVER stop writing! =)

  8. that is amazing :) you really inspire me to live my life, Analeigh!
    that song is amazing :)
    i suggest you listen to Dancing by Elise. it's really meaningful and beautiful at the same time like that Bon Iver song.

  9. beautiful. I apologize for using the google translator, I'm Chilean and I do not speak English.

    Trees really are like us, we come to know that a world without us, and everyone lives so you live, I love it as written.

    you're well, greetings!

  10. hye, name's Rikhman..,
    from Malaysia..big2x fan
    love you in ANTM..thought u should have won..
    look forward - reading your blog..

  11. I totally remember that song from the finale of House last season. So touching. :)

  12. Hey Analeigh, I've been a big fan for quite a while now. You are very inspiring, and you do have a great gift for writing. It might be a little odd, but I'd like to request something. I'm very curious what shaped a beautiful person like you. Could you perhaps once write a blog about your past and where you come from, and what shaped you? Don't do it if it's uncomfortable or too personal of course! But if you'd like it, it'd be great, I am very curious.
    Oh, and about the song: Indie, Folk and Indie-Folk kick ass! You've got some badass taste in music! Already thanks. You are amazing.
    Iris (Holland)

  13. your writing is so good analiegh ,
    i want you to know that i am your biggest fan ,
    I have pictures of you all over my room ,
    i love you so much ,
    I would really love it if you could comment on my blog ,
    Your biggest fan EVER ,
    Alisha xoxo

  14. analeigh, this is the first time i visit your blog and i like it so much. you are so inspiring, having that inner and outer beauty. you rock!

  15. Analeigh! You are such a gorgeous girl, but even more importantly you seem really sweet and smart. You are our favorite ANTM-contestant of all time! (Allthough we bot feel a bit guilty for watching it.) It's very cool that you have a blog, too. Love/Charlotte and Mirjam from Sweden

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  17. I just want to put it out there...you are simply amazing! I never expected that a contestant on ANTM would such a profound mind (very stereotypical...sorry!) but you are seriously not what I expected! I googled your name to find out what you have been up to and I was pleasantly surprised. I've been going through some rough patches recently, nothing too major but I read your blogs and it's therapy! honestly! I wish I had people like you in my life. Don't ever change! Whatever this industry does to you, please don't change. You are a breath of fresh air! I truly believe God works in mysterious ways and He gave you ANTM as a medium to spread this positive energy to so many people. I just want to say thank you =)

  18. wow. when i first saw you on antm, i thought u were just amazingly awesome. you rocked at shoots, and u seemed incredibly sweet. but when i first started reading ur blogs, i was just like.. wow, you have a beautiful mind, and it just shows how beautiful u are on the in as well as the out. as everyone says here, you are so inspiring, please keep blogging :).. good luck to you, take care! xx