Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 bags of apple spice, 2 bags of mulling spice, some sugar--will calm you down.

I couldn't sleep. I kicked and turned around my bed, disheveling my blankets and perturbing my cat, who showed his annoyance by swatting at my hair with every position change. I got a text from my mom near 2 a.m. telling me goodnight--a random but perfectly timed gesture. She recommend I make cider tea to help me sleep: "two bags of apple spice, two bags of mulling spice, some sugar-- will calm you down." And so the blogging commenced in an attempt to ease my running thoughts into submission.

The Other Morning.

I was heading to Bottega Louie to grab a coffee and a black current macaroon. when I spotted a man jogging along 7th street--he was chasing God. Literally. "I can't keep up! Wait up!" he'd shout. Then, "God! Lemme talk with you a second!" Not such a very strange sight for downtown--I mean between Birdman and Lady Opera (two of my personal favorite homeless characters), nothing surprises me too much. He stopped running and I ended up next to him as I awaited the crosswalk. "I can't--can't catch him" he said to no one in particular-- "Just wanna talk..." Well, I really didn't have time for what I was about to do--but that's exactly why I did it. And I turned and asked if he'd grab some coffee with me. Perhaps a bit taken aback, he took a deep breath and thoughtfully replied, "Thank you ma'am, but I'm busy--see?" And he pointed up in the sky towards nothing. I nodded, the light changed, and we crossed the street. The man began to jog again, yelling at the sky. I named him Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump didn't open my eyes to anything astonishing. He didn't change or challenge my opinions, didn't teach me a significant life lesson. But he stayed on my mind. I then began to see how such a small event actually did make a significant impact on me and how any moment, big or small, is a chance to make an impact on someone or something. Now, Forrest Gump wasn't trying and I think that made it all the more powerful. Perhaps, one day, I will try chasing sound, or energy, or something--see where it takes me. See if I catch it. I hope Forrest Gump caught up to God. I think maybe he had something important to say.

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"
(Eddie Vedder version)

Here I stand head in hand
Turn my face to the wall
If she's gone I can't go on
Feelin' two-foot small

Everywhere people stare
Each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away

How can I even try
I can never win
Hearing them, seeing them
In the state I'm in

How could she say to me
Love will find a way
Gather round all you clowns
Let me hear you say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away


  1. Must .... learn ... to not .... brush off ..... seemingly loopy.... homeless.......

    ..... Unimaginable life-truths.... in store....

    On another note, what sameera said. Furthermore, I've turned anorexic as I use your writings as sustenance and the Analeiconomy has been pretty tough on me of late.

    Lub this

  2. People like Forest Gump make me wonder. He could be delusional, or he could be a regular person, hoping to catch up to god, where ever he is. Could he just be wanting attention? I hope not. His story is to strange to be fake.

  3. rad story! sounds interesting... Vedder rules too

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  5. so happy to see you blogging again :)
    happy birthday!! hope you had a funtastic day.. :)

  6. Hi Analeigh!
    Could you recomend me a book, a book who inspeared you, to live the way you live in your daily life.
    You are a special person, and I hope you will never change.
    To be good and kind is to be strong.
    Take care

  7. you're truly inspiring Analeigh.

    Happy Birthday! (:

  8. Hi Analeigh!
    Happy birthday, so sorry I'm late :(
    But I was wondering, i have a youtube account all about ANTM, and your my fave contestant from the show. I was wondering if I could interview you. Please respond. We can do it online, or we can meet in person, I live in LA.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Hah, that's just crazy! And so inspiring that you asked if he'd grab a cup of coffee:) Great blog Analeigh:)

  10. Intriguing story...

    And I loved what you did...even not having time, even with this kind of cities being "famous" for not saying a simple "hey" to a neighbour.

    Great music choice :)

  11. Hello dear: ') Well, since I saw you on ANTM (yes because porgrama so happened in Portugal in November + / -) I love you *-* beyond beautiful beings, you've a sweet air, shows you that you were a great person and I admire you so much: ') are like an idol for me, so I decided to create a site dedicated to you: if you could visit would be crazy, and would love to make it into official of Portugal could be *-*